Introducing... ReadyRok!

ReadyRok, the fresh new rap artist from Orlando, Florida, is coming out strong with his debut album entitled "Soul Grind". His music represents the times we're living in and is cultivated from the streets. Shooting straight from the heart, he exercises a positive message reminiscent of the pioneers of rap.

ReadyRok's music is destined to become a positive new force in the industry.


Soul Grind

The single "Thinking About You" is a journey of thoughts dedicated to the people we love. "The 'O'" is about life in Orlando and how to never stereotype talent from a particular city. "My Block" is a testimony to mean streets with love to the people who died trying to make it. With a total of fourteen tracks that bang from beginning to end, it's a must have for Hip Hop and RB enthusiasts. Be on the lookout for this up and coming soldier, ReadyRok, produced by "Big Nick".